Autism Spectrum Conditions - The assessment process

Our team offers a detailed assessment of each child’s:

  • Strengths and Difficulties
  • Interests and Skills
  • Needs and behaviours

To complete this comprehensive assessment, you will be invited to attend a number of appointments.  These will include:

  • an appointment for parents only to talk about your child’s development
  • an appointment at our clinic for your child to complete a play-based assessment
  • We will also contact your child’s school and complete a discrete observation of them in this setting. The school will also be asked to complete a social communication questionnaire.

Find out about what we look for in these assessments here.

After completing these assessments, our team will have a discussion to explore the evidence we have collected. We will then usually decide an outcome.  However, we occasionally feel that additional assessment is required and will discuss this with you at the time if it is necessary.

Once we have reached an outcome of the assessment, you will be invited to attend a feedback appointment when we will discuss the outcome and the action plan for the future.  You will also receive a full report.

ASC Pathway for Professionals