Resources for new parents - Building a relationship with your baby

There are a wide variety of online resources available giving you advice on how to build a relationship with your baby.

We’ve collated some of them here to help you easily navigate to the best advice to support you with your new child. Some of them are written resources and some are short films, all available here to read or view at a time to suit you.


Building a happy baby

This publication by Unicef offers advice and information on getting to know your new baby and setting up the foundations for a close and loving relationship. Click on the button below to open the booklet.

Building a happy baby

Meeting baby for the first time

This video explores skin-to-skin contact which supports feeding and relationship-building.

Importance of relationship building

This video looks at the importance of developing close, loving relationships with babies in their early days and weeks.

Baby I Love You

Unicef Ambassador Ewan McGregor reads Baby, I Love You, a very special book which helps build loving and nurturing relationships between new parents and their baby, encouraging skin contact, holding, stroking, playing and singing.