Safety Rangers

Would schools please note that the Safety Rangers offer is currently paused. Information has been sent to schools and when the offer is available again schools will be informed. 

A range of support resources are available – please scroll down the page to access them. 

Safety Rangers is a multi-agency, interactive, accident prevention scheme. The aim is to reduce and prevent childhood accidents, increase awareness, and improve child health and wellbeing through a variety of fun teaching methods and scenarios. Topics covered include home and seasonal fire safety, road safety, anti-social behaviour, emotional health and wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. The scenarios are delivered by our partners – West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Kirklees Council Road Safety Team, West Yorkshire Police, Safer Kirklees, South & West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust, Northorpe Hall & Huddersfield Town Foundation.

Safety Rangers sessions are delivered from local Fire Stations, usually Huddersfield and Dewsbury. This is to ensure good accessibility for both North and South Kirklees schools.

A typical session runs from 09:30am – 15:00pm. Pupils remain on site for lunch and must bring a pack up and drink as this will not be provided.

The day is split in to 2 halves:


Arrive on site at 9:30am
Introductions, what to expect and a health and safety briefing.
Pupils then take part in a pre-quiz before being split in to 3 groups.
Each group will rotate around the fire station, on a carousel basis, visiting each scenario.
Scenarios included during morning sessions are, Home and seasonal Fire Safety, Anti-Social Behaviour and Road Safety
Lunch – 11:45am – 12:45pm


Pupils return to their allocated group and visit a further 3 scenarios, as previous, on a carousel basis.
Scenarios included during the afternoon session are, Emotional Health and Wellbeing, Physical Health & Nutrition.
After pupils have visited all the scenarios, they take part in a post quiz and evaluation.
All pupils will then receive a certificate and a goody bag for completing Safety Rangers
Between 14:45pm an 15:00pm pupils will leave the fire station and return to school.

Accessing Safety Rangers

Safety Rangers is intended for year 5 pupils that attend school in Kirklees. Schools are invited to participate based on free school meal uptake.

There is no referral process required to access this service – Schools attend by invitation only.

However, if your school is interested in attending a session, enquiries can be made by contacting the team on the details below. The booking form must be completed and can be sent to the email address detailed. Sessions are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If a session you wish to attend is unavailable, you will be placed on a waiting list and contacted as a priority for the next available session.

For more information schools can also contact:

Thriving Kirklees Service Support

01484 415465