Our Vision

Our vision for Thriving Kirklees is that we want all children, young people and families living in Kirklees to thrive, be healthy and resilient. We value all families living in Kirklees and caring for and supporting them is at the heart of everything we do.

We work as one ‘family-centred workforce’ with a ‘can do’ attitude, supporting one another to work towards and on behalf of the best interests of children, young people and their families across Kirklees.

Outcomes for children, young people and families

We work to ensure that every child and young person will:

• Be healthy
• Stay safe
• Enjoy and achieve
• Make a positive contribution
• Enjoy economic wellbeing

To achieve these outcomes, Thriving Kirklees will:

• build healthy public policy
• create supportive environments
• strengthen community action
• develop personal skills
• Develop health and care services which use primary prevention and improvement in health, especially emotional health and wellbeing.

Young girl aged 0-4 looking at flowers in a garden - vision and values